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Students Present Their Findings at the Annual Academic Fair

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

The annual Academic Fair at The Glenholme School was another astonishing success. The afternoon experience brings many parents to campus each year and as a special delight, everyone was treated to gourmet wood-fire cooked pizzas and customary salad along with freezing cold gelato and espresso from the Big Green Truck – a gift from several school supporters as part of the Parents’ Weekend fundraiser. After the delicious meal and pleasant conversation between parents and staff, the educational enthusiasts braved the downpour to gather under the enormous tent in the courtyard where students prepared to present their academic findings.



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A Community Comes Together

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Each spring the Glenholme campus blossoms with the incredible delight of Parents’ Weekend — the school’s largest fundraising effort of the year. During this all-day event, families enjoyed a variety of pleasures including morning confections in The Commons and a BBQ-style buffet lunch, as well as a wide assortment on-campus games, events and activities.


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Joy, Laughter, and the Thrill of Giving

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

On the evening of April 28, Glenholme parents, faculty, and supporters gathered at the Heritage Hotel inSouthbury,CTfor a special Parents’ Weekend tradition: the annual Live Auction. After a video presentation celebrating Devereux’s incredible 100 year anniversary, five parents were presented with awards acknowledging their tireless efforts and many contributions to the Glenholme community – including the coveted “Parents of the Year Award” and the “We’ll Have Our People Call Your People” Award. Following the award ceremony, parent Vicki Kleinman gave a touching and powerful speech about the impact Glenholme has had on her son and her family, which was met with laughter, tears, and enthusiastic applause.

As the auction began, silver bidding paddles glimmered with activity from every corner of the room, and an incredible selection of trips, tours, adventures, and honors were up for grabs to the highest bidder. Parents even took the microphone to auction off some items of their own – including walk-on roles in film and television! Just before the results were tallied, Arts Director Matt DeLong spoke passionately about the success of Glenholme’s Weekend Arts Initiative. His speech was met with an outpouring of support from parents and faculty, whose donations will allow this important program to continue.

Two days of joy, laughter, community excitement, and incredible generosity resulted in another tremendously successful Parents’ Weekend, with over $200,000 raised for The Center for the Arts endowment and for the new soccer field.

Students and Staff Honor Glenholme Parents

Monday, February 13th, 2012

The exchange between a child’s family and school is vital to his or her growth and development, especially when the child has special needs. For this reason, The Glenholme School strongly encourages parents to be involved in their children’s treatment, and provides them with regular training opportunities and around-the-clock support. By actively participating in the Glenholme program, following through with recommendations and expectations, and maintaining frequent communication, Glenholme parents help to bridge the gap between their children’s school and home lives, allowing for a more successful transfer of treatment. Though it may not always be easy, Glenholme parents have risen to the challenge – demonstrating grace, humility, and a much-needed sense of humor in even the most trying circumstances.

During Parent Appreciation Week, held from January 2 – 8, The Glenholme School thanked parents for their unwavering commitment to their children and to the Glenholme community. Through daily notes, e-mails, photos, phone calls, videos, and mailings, students and staff shared some of their favorite experiences at the school while acknowledging Glenholme parents’ tireless effort and dedication. The response was nothing shy of sensational - below are just a few of the many wonderful affirmations that staff received from Glenholme parents:

“Wow! This video is packed with good work, effort and care: the concept, organization, direction, cooperative community spirit, tech, timing and person power. We played it three times–it was so much fun to watch–and it works great. Best of all it feels great.”  -Jerry and Myron

“What a wonderful phone message to receive! Certainly was a bright lift to our day. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words about our son. Whatever he has been achieving at Glenholme musically is due to the help and support of the staff and the confidence that has gradually been instilled upon him, and especially from you.”  -Vicki and Larry

“Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing with our son. It is nothing short of amazing. Your picture of our son holding the basketball with the other student brought tears to our eyes. Please keep them coming. They are precious.”  -Kim and Arthur

Thank you, Glenholme parents, for all that you do!

This adorable birdfeeder was one of the prizes raffled off to Glenholme parents during Parent Appreciation Week.